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Free Webinar On Containerization Docker


Jitendra Singh Tomar

Presenter’s description

  • Jitendra has overall 10+Yrs of experience in the technical industry including 6+Yrs of experience in training industry with nearly 4Yrs of experience in production environment.
  • He has extensive experience in working & leading several projects in production environment.
  • His core expertise is in on-premises & cloud technologies.
  • With infrastructure management, he is also very proficient in development technologies.


  • What is containerization?
  • Why is it required?
  • What will be the impact of this within the production environment?
  • How containerization will make things easier in life?

Topics to discuss:

  • Introduction to containers
  • What are virtual Machines
  • What are Containers
  • Containers vs Virtual Machines
  • Docker
  • Docker images
  • DockerHub
  • Dockerfile
  • Building an image out of a container
  • Let’s build an image with Dockerfile!
  • Docker image layers
  • Docker compose
  • Introduction to Kubernets
  • How do we use containers on real environments?

Who needs to attend it?

  • Anyone IT personal who wants to get started with Docker
  • Anyone interested in micro-services and containers

Pre-requisites for Container:

  • No prior Docker or Kubernetes experience is required.
  • Knowledge of basic Linux and its commands.
  • Knowledge of different Operating Systems.
  • Cloud computing knowledge would be an added advantage.

Date And Time

November 10th  , 2022 – 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM


2 Hours

Registrations are open

10th November 2022

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