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Pioneer Business Solutions provides specialized integrated human resources consultancy solutions and services to our clients. We commit to excellence and never compromise in quality of our services.  Our team consists of industry experts with highly experienced and is well qualified in their areas of expertise. Our business consulting & outsourcing services help accelerate innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs and optimize asset utilization in order to achieve consistent sales growth & profitability.

Our Pioneer Business Consultants, help companies improve the way they manage both human resources and project management processes. To make this happen, we collaboratively work with our customers to ensure your personnel can get on board with the idea of adopting modern PM and HR solutions for your organization.

Pioneer Management makes sure to put its focus on the different sides of its business model and its specialized management consultation service portfolio that make Pioneer Management stand out as a unique, credible, unbiased service provider.

We provide consulting services such as education, consultancy, methodology development, and anything that helps enhance your capabilities. We help drive continuous improvement of your processes using the latest technologies. Please call us for more information if you are searching for a way to improve your overall management structure.

  • Our People

    We count ourselves as unique in many ways but one of our major strengths is our people, most of whom have been with us for many years. In recruitment it is all about what you know and we amalgamate the old and new ways to recruit the best quality candidates.

  • Recruitment Strategy

    A flexible recruitment strategy is used to find only the best and most relevant candidates for your vacancies. We have been established for over 6+ years and its formidable reputation draws in many recommended candidates. We can offer a flexible response to differing challenges – strategic decisions can be made on the spot.

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

    We are happy to work with clients’ individual SLA’s or, alternatively, a negotiated SLA to cover critical aspects of your service expectations including timings for permanent and temporary response to your vacancies.

What We Do

Pioneer Business Solutions Consulting is focused on a wide range of industry verticals as listed below:


Mechanical, Civil, E&C, I&C Engineering.

Manufacturing, QMD, Automation.

Telecom & Telemarketing





oil gas wind energy pioneer

Oil, Gas & Wind Energy