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Free Webinar On Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning



Presenter’s description

Shivang is a senior AI consultant and corporate trainer. He graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.
Since then he have worked with many senior executives in companies like IBM, Cyient, Unisys, TCS, Deloitte, FCC Kuwait etc. He had a patent in Computer Vision and have successfully led many AI projects all across the globe.


Artificial Intelligence is a machine learning technique that teaches computers to do what comes naturally to humans: learn by example. Artificial Intelligence is a key technology behind driverless cars, enabling them to recognize a stop sign, or to distinguish a pedestrian from a lamppost. It is the key to voice control in consumer devices like phones, tablets, TVs, and hands-free speakers. Artificial Intelligence is getting lots of attention lately and for good reason. It’s achieving results that were not possible before.

Topics to Discuss

  1. The Deep Learning disruption across industries.
  2. What will be the future challenges and opportunities.
  3. Cross domain challenges, adaption and implementation strategies.
  4. Open source state of the art deep learning modules.
  5. Solid Learning path for beginners.
  6. How we can help?

Date And Time

14th Dec 2022, 03:00PM to 05:00PM


2 Hours

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